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  1. Flosstradamus

    New Cosmetic Leak!

    Steven graced us with 2 new leaks for this upcoming Friday's cosmetic shop
  2. Flosstradamus

    Steven graced us with 2 new leaks for this upcoming Friday's cosmetic shop View full article
  3. Flosstradamus

    Also I feel this is more of a stress test then an actual alpha 1. I would consider it an "alpha 1" when it becomes more stable and more people are in the testing.
  4. Flosstradamus

    Welcome to the site we definitely need more diversity other than NA here. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask
  5. Flosstradamus

  6. Flosstradamus

    Plus what i heard was this contract was signed long ago by Steven so i don't think he can even break it or what the penalties might be if he does. Guess we will have to wait till Friday/saturday and see what happens when he speaks to them.
  7. Flosstradamus

    I don't live in the EU so i don't know too much about the whole thing involving My.com but from reading the official aoc discord blow up about it I felt a thread about discussing it would be necessary. In my opinion if a region lock was implemented then any guild that has europeans in it would be split apart and that would suck royally. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HqGAB1Z5xG-aqJYY0j1R1oGMEcWeAYRSNXoixalPNgc/edit The link up above shows what My.com is about and all the links are from sources that show how My.com/mail.ru are shady publishers.
  8. Flosstradamus

    Thats a big list. I wonder how long it will take them to introduce all these classes
  9. Flosstradamus

    Tower defense is my all time favorite game mode out of the many rts games i've played when i was younger. So the fact that Ashes will have this then i'll gladly form a team and play the hell out of it myself. I hope they have 2 modes where there is a max # of waves with prize at the end and another one that is endless and maybe incorporates some kind of a season/ladder/comp used for it.
  10. Flosstradamus

    Welcome to the site We're all super excited to play as well and hope to see you on!
  11. Flosstradamus

    Oh hey welcome to the forums
  12. Flosstradamus

    Guten tag! My german is slightly rusty but I used to play with a few german guys in Arma 3. But its nice to meet you and welcome to the site
  13. Flosstradamus

    Greetings AoC friends! This month brings the removal of the $500 store pack. Which was the only way to gain access to Ashes of Creation's Alpha 1. In it's place comes a $375.00 pack that allows access to Alpha 2/Beta. Below you will find pictures showing off the new store cosmetics for the month of August. This also includes the Pax West cosmetics for the upcoming show. Pax West goes from AUG 31 - SEP 3, 2018. Intrepid studios will be showcasing some more of Ashes of Creation on Saturday September 1st @ 10:30am. So be on the look out on their official Twitch channel for some more content. We're also 1 day away from the Live stream that will showcase the combat system that i'm sure a lot of you are eager to see. The Live stream begins tomorrow @ 2pm PST. So be sure to tune in tomorrow because its going to be an exciting one to watch!
  14. Flosstradamus

    So clubs has been added to the website. You will see at the top on the menu labeled "clubs". This will act as a Guild registry/DB of sorts. What this allows people to do is create their guild on the website and have a private subforum dedicated to their guilds. I am going to see if i can work around to renaming the actual clubs part to "guilds". Club's that you're apart of will be shown on your profile and on every forum post like so: The best part is any private/closed clubs that you create will not be seen by the general public or admins unless you're personally invited. If any problems arise with it then send me a PM i'll take a look into it.
  15. Official Livestream August 17th 2pm PST Q & A Thread Link up above allows you to submit questions that you want answered during the upcoming Livestream. They are picking around 10 or so questions to be answered on the Livestream.