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  • Alpha 1 Phase 1 Begins September 7th @ 6pm PDT

Q: What in a nutshell is the backstory of Ashes of Creation?

A: Your ancestors had to flee there homes long ago through divine gateways, and now you've returned through the recently re-opened divine gateways to find the remnants of the world in ruins.

Q: What are the races in Ashes of Creation?

A: There are five races, and two sub-types (and the tulnar)


Races breakdown

Q: What classes are in game?

A: 64 combinations of 8 different main classes, and 8 different secondary classes.


Q: What is the schedule for the game going forward?

A: September 3+, 2018 Alpha 1 starts it will go until March 2019 (approx 7 mo. after Alpha 1 Phase 1) "Speculated" Alpha 2 Q3 2019, Betas Q3 -Q4 2019, Release Q4 2019.

Q: What are "Nodes"?

A: A node is a collection point where a camp can form and gradually develop into village, town, city, metropolis every activity you do within a specific nodes "sphere of influence". You can have housing within it, there will be conflicts over nodes due to the opportunity for specific world events per specific node locations. Nodes Video One, Node Video Two

Nodes Part One

Q: What Types of PvE will there be?

A: Instanced, and open world raids, world bosses, questing, and events, Caravan Transports (which will also be PvP).


Q: What types of PvP will there be?

A: There will be open world PvP, there will be "Caravan Conflicts", "Sea Battles", "Arena", "castle sieges", there will be "node sieges".


Q: How will this game be monetized?

A: Ashes of creation will have a 15 USD a month subscription fee and no box cost. There is a cosmetics shop however with new cosmetics that are only on the market for one month (these cosmetics are just skins).


Q: Will this MMORPG have Pay to win mechanics (exp potions, powerful weapons/armor for purchase, advancement purchasable)?

A: No Steven Kick-started this project with the goal of making the MMORPG he always wanted to play.

No P2W

Q: How large will the world be?

A: 480 km²  (requiring approx 24 hours to travel across on foot) This does not include the underground territories(100km²) which will exist as an additional portion of map.


Q: Will there be Region Locking?

A: No (as substantiated by intrepid 8/24/18)