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  • Alpha 1 Phase 1 Begins September 7th @ 6pm PDT
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    Alpha One Environment Preview(In Game)


    In the video up above we get a sneak peak preview to what the environment will look like for Alpha 1 which is set to be released Q4 of 2018. This video showcases a lot of the eye candy and power behind Unreal Engine 4.

    :07-:14 The video opens up to a beautiful sunset in the distance with a river flowing through what appears to be a small town.

    :15-:18 Up next we have what appears to be a swamp showing off some spiked tree's, fog and a look at some of the foilage in the game.

    :19-:24 This next landscape showcases a campsite with a forest theme including huts and primitive buildings. Looks to be Aela Human related in terms of race.

    :25-:39 This seems to be showing a much closer look at the town from the beginning of the video.

    :40-:47 In this part of the video we see some rock formations(ore mining?) and a close look at housing for players(plot of land) complete with a farm.

    :48-:50 This seems to be a religious temple/church. I feel like this might be part of the divine node type. Not much is known on that node type yet though.

    :52-:54 Small look at a Tower and a large castle with a forest/mountain landscape in the background.

    :55-1:18 Shows some more in-depth footage from up above.

    1:18-1:24 Waterfall flowing down into a river(UE4 makes water look amazing). Followed by a strange wooden statue of Groot?

    1:26-1:29 Massive tower showing off different biomes in the game.

    1:30-1:33 Lush landscape featuring giant Mushrooms!

    1:37-1:40 Bigger look at a massive castle.

    1:42-1:48 This is in the video where they announce that this city is called Verra. I imagine this will be a hub for beginners before they venture further out into the world.

    1:49-1:52 First look at a cave system possibly Under realm?

    1:54-1:58 More outside shots of Verra.

    1:59-2:00 Closer look at a wooden statue around a campfire that looks like Groot 🙂

    2:00-2:02 Stonehenge type situation with a stone head in the center. Secret cow level vibes anyone?

    2:03-2:13 More camera angles of Verra featuring a very prominent tower that I assume we will know where we are at judging by the size of it!

    The Intrepid Studios team has mentioned that the first week of August will be the showcase for the combat system that they have been working on the past few months. We are getting closer and closer to seeing Alpha 1 become reality. I cannot wait to play it!


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