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  • Alpha 1 Phase 1 Begins September 7th @ 6pm PDT
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    9/27/18 Live Stream







    Ashes of Creation Live Stream 9/27/18

    Alpha 1 Arena Game-play

    Started Stress Tests on the 7th, and now its three weeks into the stress test three official stress tests thus far. We are launching first with the battle royal first, and then we are releasing the castle siege, and then the horde mode. 


    This occurs during the exodus of Verra. This will be one of the capital cities through this divine gateway. Your one of the unlucky few that didn't make it through.


    They've said that they are in the process now of sending all 10,000 Alpha 1 backers there invite to play starting this weekend. 

    The Alpha 1 Arena system has been focused on development of the new action combat system. Participating in it at large scale combat.

    This is an Alpha remember they wanted to make it very clear that this is an Alpha 1, and that the community understands exactly what that entails.

    Continuing stress test till October 5th, and then we will be around that time release the NDA for players to stream there game-play sessions. 

    Steven plans to ban all exploiters.


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