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  • Alpha 1 Phase 1 Begins September 7th @ 6pm PDT
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    10/31/18 Stream






    10/31/18 Halloween Stream


    Hello, community. Today at 1pm PDT 3pm CST there will be a live stream from intrepid studios twitch account. They have also been having a contest for Halloween which ends at the time of this stream. The prize was a 500 USD Intrepid copy of the game. Which is no longer available in the store. (we will be writing up a summery of the stream as it comes out).

    Weather Mechanics

    They spent time in the video stream today displaying what the Alpha 1 Phase 2 would have. They showed the weather mechanics for the game, and the weather effects results on the world around you. In the example they showed during the stream they had a spider Demon that was pulled out due to the rain.
     Combat: Active/Passive for Phase 2
    They also showed combat with the tab targeting / action combat combination coming into the Alpha 1 phase 2. 
    They also showed a village sage node, and combat with monsters which had moved into a nearby graveyard and combat with them.
    They showed a sneak peak of the new round of cosmetics for the Halloween season. 
    Alpha 1 Phase 1 no longer Phase 1 APOC
    Alpha 1 phase one will now be "APOC" apocalypse. They will expose the BR, Castle Siege, etc of Phase 1 will be exposed to all parties over time. These are side game modes separate from the MMORPG. Apocalypse will be f2p mode. Progress, quests, achievements will give you earn you cosmetics, cosmetics, mounts to earn, housing furniture, emotes, weapon variants/skins through.
    Pets for artisan class? some classes like summoner will have the ability
    Is parkour still in ashes of creation? time consuming, but we will approach this as much as we are able to within time consumption. Obviously they would like to have a full parkour system but the games already got a large scope.
    When will they be stepping up blog post? They will be implementing new blogs with the updating website. They will also be posting Nodes videos. "Soon"
    Will the Apocalypse system take away from the MMORPG? No, they will provide testing for active combat system of the MMORPG. APOC will always funnel and fuel what we can do in the MMORPG.
    What will be some of the buildings for the specific nodes? As nodes develop in stages they will get different buildings. Militaristic will have barracks at stage three that will provide missions and training. This will be delved into further in the nodes videos in the future blog posts.
    Will there be viability in using only a single one handed weapon vs duel wielding / sword and board? The benefit of duel wielding will have different skills available if you do point allocation. It depends on what you want to accomplish (not always a weapon but usually there will be something in that second slot).
    Is the release before 2020 still likely? Yes. The betas we intend to have will be "short" the game should be pretty much done at beta stage ("short and sweet").
    ****This Saturday at 9AM PDT Intrepid Studios will be participating with second life fundraising

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