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  • Alpha 1 Phase 1 Begins September 7th @ 6pm PDT

  • Ashes Stream 1/11/19 3PM PDT

    Ashes Stream 1/11/19 3PM PDT
    Testing BR - - - January 11th, 9AM PDT - January 13th 10PM PDT
    There will be downtime today January 11th with a brief patch.
    This was the first stream with Margaret Krohn was with the community (this is her first week). They will be announcing a new senior community manager soon. 
    In December they launched the "open beta" of the Battle Royal on APOC. However, due to issues with that launch Intrepid took that launch back, and decided to relaunch in February 2019. 
    Did bug fix for our issues pre-January 11th. They are asking that all people directly message the Q&A Team with all BR bugs that you see from now on. 
    Affiliate program all data is there the credit will only accrue based on persons migrating over to the new website. 
    New additions to web team working with there internal web team. Working on issues with website. The 502 errors are fixed, assets should now show under your account. If not please contact the support.
    Data Collecting: website log on, account activity, download flow, performance of servers, combat logs, solo and squads "not duos" (you'll be in Que forever).
    Two Siege maps currently "Milnar" the dwarven keep. a lot of ways to go under the keep. The walls are big strong and sturdy situated on a mountain side. 
    Korgan castle which is the ancient human castle. 
    Items: Traps, Powder Kegs, trebuchets, battering rams, catapults.
    The siege will work about getting into the keep or defending the castle from being entered. There will be capture points that will extend the encounters, and allow new spawn points. 
    Channeling on a final relic will cause victory for the attacking side, defenders will want to take out siege weapons, and push them back.
    Testing this in the match making Sieges to see what core functionality based. 
    Upon death you have a re-spawn timer and re-spawn with a pool of your allies. Each class will have a set amount of health, and armor pool. If you lose your armor you can regenerate it through the assistance of the Engineer. Armor will not function as a pool in AOC it will be a pool in Siege mode. 
    Abilities will use mana and stamina more often than they do currently in BR, and the Siege will have mana regeneration vs mana drops.
    There is not yet a duel wielding class for siege mode. 
    When you get into the siege mode you'll want to balance the classes you select and will see how many people have selected what. So try to stay distributed.
    Will you be able to change classes in siege during it? Class switching at this time is unlikely, but no final decision. 
    Will APOC be running after MMORPG launches? Yes.

    Classes in Siege Mode

    Defensive teleport in and out of battle, decoys, flame thrower ability, The abilities would be more effective against armor than the health

    Damage more direct damage, and they will be more HP focused, Grappling hook to get on high places, can shoot people from afar. Guided arrow ability pilot arrow to go around corners etc. 

    More traditional sword and board. Damage mitigation. Has a guardian pull, throw spears and drag people to them. Mobile shield attached to character exploding depending on damage absorbed.
    Melee in nature
    Weapon Master

    Get in front disrupt front lines, get people through. There will be a leap effect that comes with a super hero ground pound. Gets them into the fight quickly. Spin to win whirl wind. 
    Melee in nature

    Augment mana for players and replenish this for players and repair siege equipment. Pre-fall class. Wont see an engineer proper in Ashes of Creation. Primary weapon earthquake bolt. Ground pounds and shakes and disrupts enemy actions. Gismo of egress any ally who steps on this gets a one time cat-fall use. 
    High Priest

    Health and Stamina replenishing those for players. Any ally the scepter this class uses will be healed, and any enemy will take damage. Pools you can lay down. Divine Form - - ultimate ability increased damage mitigation, heal allies around, and damage enemies around.
    (Updating Live)

    Ashes Savior is here?

    Ashes Savior is here?
    Today is the day the new Community Management Lead came on staff Margaret Krohn appeared on the scene answering questions about what her being a part of the community means, and outlining what she wants to do with the community development going forward. 
    "Hello Glorious Ashes of Creation Community
    I am Margaret Krohn the new Community Marketing Lead for Intrepid Studios, I will be working on all of Intrepid Studios intellectual properties, leading our Community and Marketing Teams.
    Here a little job description to help y'all understand a little bit of what i'll be working on Developing and leading the community and marketing teams strategies in line with company objectives. Managing communications, PR, social media, events and content creation. Coordinating planning and implementing marketing campaigns. There are certain to be more hats i will wear but that should cover the gist of what i will be doing here at Intrepid Studios. 
    I come from a long background of gaming as i started as a little kid playing board games, growing into video games with Atari, Nintendo, and Sega. From there, the love for games only continued to grow as technology continued to advance. I started playing DOS games, and as gaming graphics progressed. I delved into RPGs, FPSs, and RTSs but my love has always been MMORPGs. In 1999 I fell in love with Everquest, and now I have played every major MMORPG that exists. 
    I also join the team with 13 years of professional work history in the game industry, from working in QA to game design for 6 years to community management and video production. I have an eye for detail and as anyone who knows me, I am very organized. I hope to bring my expertise to the table and help provide you all with a plethora of content. 
    Since Intrepid strives to be as transparent a company as possible. I will be taking you along my journey and be very open about what i am working on this first week will be:
    Setting up Branding Guidelines for Intrepid Studios, Ashes of Creation, and Apocalypse. Organizing and Cleaning up our Social Media Channels and the types of content that will be delivered upon them. This includes the following: Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Forums, and the Website. I am a huge believer that all information should funnel from the main website, and forums out to social. I believe that Reddit should be primarily run via the community, so i will be working with the moderators here  to adjust things in regards to this.  Working with our producers to setup a content roadmap for the next six months in order to determine our schedule accordingly - Maybe you'll get that node 3 video. Then scheduling weekly / bi-weekly / monthly meetings (pending on current development phase) to update the calender and keep us all on track.  Construct playtest schedules and feedback loops in order to make sure that we are getting the most out of our tests and that feedback can be funneled to the developers in a manner that is helpful. Working with our Marketing Team to ensure they are aware of our content schedule release, and the things we would like to address through these mediums. Building our Community Team to Ensure they are aware of our content schedule release, and the things we would like to address through these mediums.  Constructing Community Team - Yes, i am not the only one who you'll be seeing join the Intrepid Studios family. Constructing Community Guidelines with the Community Team, volunteer moderators, and moderators (don't worry, they won't be that harsh, but things do need to change, and you all know that). Organizing Community Team meetings, and collaborating with them in order to determine who will be working on specified content, and social channels. Organize volunteer moderators, and moderators meetings, and cooperating with them in order for them to have the power to act upon the Community Guidelines. Now to get to the fun! Normally, I would do a Q&A via the forums, but our forums are currently under maintenance as you all know, so I thought Reddit would work just as well. 
    Feel Free to ask me almost anything, and ill do my best to answer your questions when im not in meetings.
    So after reading this It looks like a like the major blaring issue that content creators and community members have wanted addressed is being addressed, and that is "communication". If this holds out and what she says comes to pass in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. I truly believe we have met our savior. 
    (I will be writing some of the questions up under general discussion under the website forums).

    Ashes of Creation News in the New Year

    Ashes of Creation  Update
    New Videos 
    So since our Halloween update there have been more streams showing more game-play.
    The December 6th video showed us what the Ashes of Creation Siege game-play would look like. Currently this has been pushed back by Steven on launch date as of today, and were waiting for the date of release for testing again. It will provide 20 v 20 and larger potential castle siege defense attacks.
    December 6th
    The December 13th Video for the future Alpha 1 coming up this year in Q1 2019. They've shown us more of what the Battle Royals active combat system will look like in the live run of the Alpha 1, as well as they showed us a test run of the Alpha 1 mechanics in the Battle Royals City for some basic quests. 
    December 13th

     New Website
    We recently transitioned to a new website for Ashesofcreation.com. Currently, there has been a lot of issue with its stability. Major issues including: 502 errors going from section to section requiring refresh to re-enter the site, issues logging into existing accounts for ashes of creation, issues with assets purchased in the past attached to the account not showing up, embers purchased not showing up, issues with the inability to purchase the winter cosmetics currently as of the transfer to the new site, and finally issues with the forums having not been up now for nearly a month. 
    This long list of issues has caused quite a lot of conversation in the community. Steven the CEO of Intrepid Studios stated recently by the end of the first week in January that the website would be functional. It is currently Friday of that week and functionality is not normalized. So it is the expectation of this writer that the website will require more time to be fully functional once more like the previous site, and all assets customers have purchased to be reported. 
    New Community Manager
    The intrepid team has hired a new community manager for and they will be stepping in on the 7th. This is on the back of multiple Community managers, and new moderation staff being brought on by my.com, and mail.ru for the markets they are distributing for.

    10/31/18 Stream

    10/31/18 Halloween Stream
    Hello, community. Today at 1pm PDT 3pm CST there will be a live stream from intrepid studios twitch account. They have also been having a contest for Halloween which ends at the time of this stream. The prize was a 500 USD Intrepid copy of the game. Which is no longer available in the store. (we will be writing up a summery of the stream as it comes out).
    Weather Mechanics
    They spent time in the video stream today displaying what the Alpha 1 Phase 2 would have. They showed the weather mechanics for the game, and the weather effects results on the world around you. In the example they showed during the stream they had a spider Demon that was pulled out due to the rain.    Combat: Active/Passive for Phase 2   They also showed combat with the tab targeting / action combat combination coming into the Alpha 1 phase 2.    They also showed a village sage node, and combat with monsters which had moved into a nearby graveyard and combat with them.   Cosmetics   They showed a sneak peak of the new round of cosmetics for the Halloween season.    Alpha 1 Phase 1 no longer Phase 1 APOC   Alpha 1 phase one will now be "APOC" apocalypse. They will expose the BR, Castle Siege, etc of Phase 1 will be exposed to all parties over time. These are side game modes separate from the MMORPG. Apocalypse will be f2p mode. Progress, quests, achievements will give you earn you cosmetics, cosmetics, mounts to earn, housing furniture, emotes, weapon variants/skins through.   Q&A   Pets for artisan class? some classes like summoner will have the ability   Is parkour still in ashes of creation? time consuming, but we will approach this as much as we are able to within time consumption. Obviously they would like to have a full parkour system but the games already got a large scope.   When will they be stepping up blog post? They will be implementing new blogs with the updating website. They will also be posting Nodes videos. "Soon"   Will the Apocalypse system take away from the MMORPG? No, they will provide testing for active combat system of the MMORPG. APOC will always funnel and fuel what we can do in the MMORPG.   What will be some of the buildings for the specific nodes? As nodes develop in stages they will get different buildings. Militaristic will have barracks at stage three that will provide missions and training. This will be delved into further in the nodes videos in the future blog posts.   Will there be viability in using only a single one handed weapon vs duel wielding / sword and board? The benefit of duel wielding will have different skills available if you do point allocation. It depends on what you want to accomplish (not always a weapon but usually there will be something in that second slot).   Is the release before 2020 still likely? Yes. The betas we intend to have will be "short" the game should be pretty much done at beta stage ("short and sweet").     ****This Saturday at 9AM PDT Intrepid Studios will be participating with second life fundraising    

    9/27/18 Live Stream

    Ashes of Creation Live Stream 9/27/18
    Alpha 1 Arena Game-play
    Started Stress Tests on the 7th, and now its three weeks into the stress test three official stress tests thus far. We are launching first with the battle royal first, and then we are releasing the castle siege, and then the horde mode. 
    This occurs during the exodus of Verra. This will be one of the capital cities through this divine gateway. Your one of the unlucky few that didn't make it through.
    They've said that they are in the process now of sending all 10,000 Alpha 1 backers there invite to play starting this weekend. 
    The Alpha 1 Arena system has been focused on development of the new action combat system. Participating in it at large scale combat.
    This is an Alpha remember they wanted to make it very clear that this is an Alpha 1, and that the community understands exactly what that entails.
    Continuing stress test till October 5th, and then we will be around that time release the NDA for players to stream there game-play sessions. 
    Steven plans to ban all exploiters.

    9/1/18 PAX West

    Ashes of Creation - Rise of the MMORPG
    PAX 2018 West Seattle, Washington
     Expanding Team Size - - Doubling the current team to 200 people on the Ashes of Creation before 2019
    Over 40,000 people registered for Alphas, and Betas
    Testing Alpha One Starting This week!!!!!
    Where we've, where we are, and where we are going
    When the kick-starter ended in June and the summer backing ended in July early build into PAX West last year with an early build: one boss, four classes, no progression etc. 2 1/2 months. (this is a sample video from last year of PAX they used as an example of the progress than from now).
    Alpha 0
    December 15th two thousand five hundred testers progression to level 10 four archetype classes functioning node system progressing to level 3, 25 different types of mobs. Taking the feedback from the testers negative feedback. Next step was Alpha One, one quarter of the map size progression to level 20 and the eight archetypes.
    PAX East
    This is why we decided in our PAX East information that we would separate Alpha One into two phases one focused on active combat and a second phase on the level we had said we planned to be posting for Alpha One.
    Alpha One
    This will have, 11-20 modular sets of customization details at only level 10-20. hundreds of very unique very different looks. That is just right now with the base sets. Millions of potential at launch. At Alpha one there should be over 5000 different unique looks in customization.
    Michael "Bacon" Human, Elves, and Tribal "set" of areas progressions tech level human will be more western, and then progress to castles, and at the metro level the nodes for humans will look more Gothic in nature.
    Three castle sets, promo-freeholds. The modularity of every place will be able to be customized and allows assets to be breakable.
    Battlegrounds: 100 Players on a map first last man standing Castle Siege: will begin at the beginning December 2018 100v100 Map: siege weapons, guild mode (20 total players), Strategic Objectives, Class Kits Account management system launched October 5th Horde mode will be able to play on horde side or city side 50 players defending the city. Phase 2 Q2 2019 Nodes progress to 0-3 (housing,  Level 20 4 out of 9 races will be available 25% of map size Alpha 2 Q3 2019 Everyone register account wise will get to play Alpha 1 after the first 4 months for a stress test. Earn Cosmetics arena system will persist.  Build home save for live launch Build character save character for live launch Set furniture and housing condition in Phase 1

    8/31/18 Leaks

    8/31/18 Steven Leaks
    A: Steven said, "that there is a weapon in the arena phase that is a shield"

    Q: When asked how blocking would work within the game with the item
    A: Steven said, "It has its own hit box with hp"

    Q: How will summoner secondary class choices work? Will there be summoned weapons?
    A: Steven Said, "Summoner secondaries will grant a variety of primary classes the ability to augment skills to create "summoned" weapons to attack an enemy. However, the ability to "equip" these summoned weapons is not possible at the moment"

    ****Below are some images leaked today for Ashes of Creation

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